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Expert insights: Data is the untapped opportunity for resellers

September 19, 2016

Every successful company collects data. This data is processed, analysed and transformed into information that creates real business value. How valuable this data capital is, depends on the quality of the software for data processing. Through the digital transformation in the economy across all sectors, data is increasingly becoming a key success factor in daily operations.

As the digital transformation continues, digitalised processes determine the modern business world. Data has become a strategic asset for organisations around the word and needs to be harnessed in the right way. As a result, the time required for this data to be processed by software has come increasingly into the foreground.

So far, resellers have made a good business through the growth of data by selling hardware. Since storage resources had to be extended again and again, the classic hardware market for decades has been a lucrative business. That’s until now.

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