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The DevOps and Data Virtualisation blend: A path towards making software development more efficient

December 17, 2016

Every successful company collects data – it’s what creates real value for a business once it is transformed into information that can be used to drive decisions. The value of this data is dependent on the software used to process it. This is what can truly elevate the data a business collects.

As the digital transformation of companies across all sectors continues, software is becoming even more important. More enterprises are beginning to see if data can be used rapidly by their software & analytics teams and business intelligence can be derived from it, and whether they can deliver more value to customers.

For example – even a tractor manufacturing organisation has a huge software organisation because they need to analyse data coming from millions of machineries, find patterns, deliver proactive service, create competitive edge and gain more market share. Processing data efficiently has risen up the agenda of businesses, even for those where software development isn’t a focus. As a ‘one size fits all’ solution doesn’t exist, increasingly companies are now practicing software development in-house as a competitive advantage.

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