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Data virtualization – a future must for software testers

September 29, 2016

Server virtualization and network virtualization were once new concepts that seemed outlandish, both brought a number of benefits for companies who adopted them and eventually they became the de facto standard approach to server and network deployments. So I have a question for you. Have you considered virtualizing your data for the use in software development yet?

Copy data virtualization is an approach to data management that applies the virtualization approach to data, and specifically copy data. The adoption of data virtualization is on the rise, particularly for development teams and I would argue that the benefits are now clear for anyone developing and testing software. Just as server virtualization freed unused capacity in computing, copy data virtualization is freeing organizations’ data from their legacy infrastructure. It is a solution that forward-thinking companies are turning towards to help them deal with the huge amount of data produced within organizations by data copying.

The impact it has on storage is significant, reducing costs by up to 80%. At the same time, it makes virtual copies of ‘production quality’ data available immediately to everyone in the business, anywhere they need it. That includes regulators, product designers, back-up administrators, testing and development, finance departments, data-analytics teams and marketing and sales departments. In fact, any department or individual who might need to work with company data can access and use a full, virtualized data set. The operations team manage the keys to the kingdom i.e. production data. They regulate who gets access and who gets copies. The regulator could also be a DBA or system administrator.

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