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Why are CIOs demanding hybrid cloud?

November 29, 2016

Cloud is big business. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is approaching $10 billion annual revenue. Microsoft Azure is approaching $3bn annual revenue. Then there’s Oracle Cloud, positioning themselves as the enterprise cloud for customers.

When a virtualisation giant like VMware and a cloud giant like AWS partner at an engineering level to deliver VMware on AWS bare metal so that customers can have a seamless hybrid cloud experience, you know the hybrid cloud model is for real.

If you are a VP/director of infrastructure, or an enterprise architect/DevOps manager within an organisation, there is a 90% probability that your CIO has demanded you to design and execute a hybrid cloud model. It’s not just because everyone else is using or planning to use public cloud – there are real genuine reasons behind that demand.

In my role, I’m involved early in the sales process. It gives me the opportunity to hear first hand from CIOs on what their pain points and needs are.

Here’s the spirit of some of these conversations to give you a sense of why they are demanding a hybrid cloud model.

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