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Bringing Copy Data Management as a Service to Enterprises – Actifio GO SaaS Briefing Note

March 15, 2019

Posted on March 15, 2019 by Krista Macomber

There is no doubt that production data is growing, but copy data is growing even faster. More data must be backed up as the stricter compliance landscape creates more comprehensive retention requirements, and copy data is being used to serve a growing range of secondary but important business processes such as DevOps and analytics.

Copy data sprawl saddles the enterprise with an expensive cost burden. In fact, IDC estimates that $50.6 billion was spent in 2018 on infrastructure, data governance and security related to copy data – and that this figure will grow to $55.63 billion by the end of 2020. In addition, copy data sprawl slows innovation (for example, extending the time that application developers need to wait and slowing the time to business insights). Copy data management (CDM) solutions help to drive down the number of copies that are being created and the infrastructure used to store and manage these copies. However, to date most have not added agility (it still takes too long to obtain, refresh, share and analyze data) or a more cost effective, subscription-based pricing model.

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