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Boston’s $150M Startup Club

October 23, 2015

Well, 2015 has been a massive year in startup funding—not just in Boston of course. But we’ve seen our share, no question. The first three quarters saw Massachusetts companies raise $4.9 billion in funding, according to CB Insights, compared to the $4.2 billion raised here during all of last year.

Previously I rounded up a list of Boston tech companies that’d raised $100 million or more as of the end of ’14. Now that list has changed a lot—especially in the past few weeks, when a number of big VC deals have come out. So now we’re looking at a $150 million bar. I count five tech companies now at this level in Boston. Not that funding is everything; plenty of companies do grow significantly without raising much (or any) funding. We’ve tackled that elsewhere. But for here, let’s take a look at the other end of the spectrum, the current members of Boston’s $150 million club—all of whom are setting themselves up for becoming long-lived anchors of the Boston tech community. (And below, I’ve also included my full list of Mass. tech companies with $100 million or more raised, several of them pretty close to the $150 million mark.)

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