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Actifio’s Resiliency Director automates DR testing

June 30, 2016

Actifio Inc. has upgraded its Resiliency Director to make it easier to set up and test disaster recovery plans.

The Resiliency Director works in conjunction with Actifio CDS and Actifio Sky copy data management products. Customers use Resiliency Director to set a priority order for the restoration of virtual machines.

The new version adds the ability to apply multiple resource pools and port groups to a single recovery plan. Previously, customers would have to apply a disaster recovery plan to each resource pool that was used to recover systems in the environment.

The software also now allows customers to set up multiple administrative roles for specific operations for a single user. That can benefit large enterprises and service providers with a large number of users involved in a disaster recovery.

The Resiliency Director was upgraded to automate the management of network interface cards (NICs) when creating a DR plan, eliminating the manual process of setting up IPs to each NIC. The software has been enhanced to allow self-service upgrades.

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