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Actifio Widens Data Management Portfolio

August 13, 2013

Simon Sharwood of The Register reports, “Upstart storage startup Actifio has quickly made a splash with its “copy data” products, but the company has already set its sights on a more comprehensive suite of data management tools including business intelligence wares. Speaking to The Reg in Sydney today, Actifio founder and CEO Ash Ashutosh said the company’s eyeing off opportunities well beyond its current strength in reducing the amount of data organisations hold by consolidating copies into a single instance. ‘The nirvana of every IT shop is to find more value from data,’ he said. Some Actifio partners, he added, have started to do so by building apps on top of its software that make it easier to ingest data into their software. ‘We already have a life sciences partner building on top of Actifio,’ he said. A SaaS player specialising in retail is also cooking up code based on the company’s products.”

dataversity_logoSharwood continues, “Ashutosh is therefore starting to use the word ‘platform’ to describe Actifio’s products and said extending the product so it can be used in that role by ISVs and customers alike. A third phase of activity will target Actifio as an enabler of business intelligence applications. The new products will appear over the next couple of years. Ashutosh also said he expects Actifio will achieve around $US100m in bookings in the next twelve months.”

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