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Actifio Unveils OnVault to Enable Long-Term Data Retention

September 1, 2016

In a recent release, Actifio announced OnVault, an industry-first low-cost long-term data retention solution that enables data re-use for Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, compliance, and data warehousing tools to unlock insights. OnVault capability is part of Actifio’s core platform, and is available for AWS S3, Google Cloud Nearline, and IBM Cloud Object Storage. Recovery and historical data protection have become regulatory requirements. As a result, organizations have traditionally relied upon expensive deduplication disk devices to store this data.  However, this results in a graveyard of data that is complex to manage.

OnVault is build upon Actifio’s Data Virtualization technology to combine low-cost infrastructure for long-term data retention and deliver instant access to data to drive business acceleration in other areas. This provides organizations with a single Data Management tool to handle the entire lifecycle of data generated by business applications, social media, machine logs, Internet of Things sensors, and other sources; from creation, protection, analysis, and compliance, both on-premise or in the cloud.

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