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Actifio to save Boston University Medical Center nearly $1 Million

October 11, 2012

Data storage technology business Actifio Inc. has provided Boston University Medical Campus with data management, storage and IT infrastructure services, the company announced today.

The Waltham company makes a protection and availability storage (PAS) platform intended as an alternative to individual redudant systems to handle data backup, disaster recovery, analytics and compliance. By using the platform, Boston University Medical Center will save approximately $800,000 on future hardware expenditures for backup storage, according to an Actifio spokesperson.

“There’s no way to predict what type of equipment a lab might purchase a week or a month from now, or what sorts of data will be generated and need to be stored and managed. However, we still need to support whatever equipment they choose,” said Dr. John Meyers, assistant professor of medicine and director of technology at BU School of Medicine’s Department of Medicine, in a release. “The traditional enterprise-class data backup and recovery solutions we considered were often really good at one thing, but weren’t able to scale across our diverse and increasingly complex infrastructure.”

Actifio raised $33.5 million in Series C funding in December 2011.

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