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Actifio solves data explosion blues

September 13, 2015

If you have not heard of copy data virtualisation, you are not alone.

While there’s a high degree of virtualisation in the IT industry today especially at the server and network level, the situation is less so in the backend -storage, backup or archiving. The reason for this, notes Grant Amos, general manager, MEA, for Actifio, is because data virtualisation is simply more complicated.

“Data virtualisation is not as straightforward” says Amos. “For one, you have storage which has different frontiers of licensing and then there are backups where different retention policies will require different forms of licensing. The same applies for archiving and deduplication, further complicated when you add replication. Thus, the whole back-end is yet to be fully virtualised.”

This is where Actifio can help, Amos says, because the company has the technology to enable companies effectively virtualise all those backend functions using a single product.

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