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Actifio Sky Extends Scope of Actifio Copy Data Virtualization Platform

May 3, 2014

Most distributed enterprises are striving to enhance the resiliency, agility, and mobility of their cloud-based infrastructures as the volume of data they have to manage is growing to immense proportions.

Actifio a copy data virtualization company has expanded the scope and scale of its enterprise class data virtualization platform. The company specializes in copy data virtualization and its virtual data pipeline technology helps decouple data from infrastructure, thereby improving business resiliency, agility, and access to the cloud.

The company has announced a virtual instance of its virtual data pipeline technology covering wherever application data is present including the data center core, public cloud and so on. The new Actifio Anywhere product will be the first entrant in the Actifio Sky family of products launched by the company.

Ash Ashutosh, Actifio founder and CEO said, “Actifio Sky is already giving our enterprise customers access to data sets they’d never been able to gather, analyze, and protect before, and simplifying the customer deployment model of our cloud service provider partners.”

Actifio Sky is based on the virtual data pipeline technology developed by Actifio. It augments copy data virtualization from the data center to the edge of the enterprise, and into the cloud. The deployment flexibility and range enables seamless data management, enhancing data protection, governance, and analytics.

Available for remote / branch Offices (ROBOs) and as a cloud deployment option, Actifio Sky helps businesses to move enterprise workloads into the cloud. Sky and Actifio’s CDS data center appliance facilitate data mobility between the edge to the core.

Officials explained that the Actifio copy data virtualization platform will be able to replace a complex system of siloed storage and data management systems which tend to create copies of the same production data.

Actifio Anywhere helps capture data from production applications and it replaces siloed data management applications with a simple, application-centric, SLA-driven approach. The data can be managed economically, and used when and where required.

The SLA prescription is also a simple procedure which can be changed easily. The solution also helps manage the lifecycle of the captured date by creating a single “golden master.” This data can be stored anywhere and also updated whenever the need arises. The data can be used to make numerous virtual copies for any use, anytime, anywhere.