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Actifio Sky Copy Data Virtualization Platform Announced

May 4, 2014

Actifio has announced a significant expansion of its product portfolio to increase the scope and scale of its enterprise class data virtualization platform with Actifio Sky. The new offering will improve the functionality of Actifio CDS (Copy Data Storage Platform), making a virtual instance of the company’s Virtual Data Pipeline technology available wherever application data may reside.  Actifio CDS allows information technology infrastructure to be more efficient and cost effective by reducing the copies of computer data an organization must keep.storagereview_logo

Actifio’s new product will be the first in a new line called Actifio Sky, which is also the company’s first foray into the virtual appliance market.  Actifio Sky will allow users to protect data locally at remote sites (and back up centrally) for faster restore times and, in the event of a disaster, users can restore data off the central cluster/sky Cloud to have things up and running again fairly quickly.

More specifically, Actifio’s copy data virtualization platform improves resiliency, agility, and mobility toward cloud-based infrastructure, by replacing a complex tangle of siloed storage and data management systems with a single solution that lets customers:

  • Capture data from production applications according to an SLA that can be defined in just a few clicks and changed anytime,
  • Manage the lifecycle of that data in the most efficient way through the creation of a single “golden master” that can be stored anywhere and updated incrementally forever, and
  • Use that data to spin up an unlimited number of virtual copies for any use, anytime, anywhere.

Actifio Sky, which is built on the foundation of the company’s Virtual Data Pipeline technology, offers a new level of deployment flexibility and range, enabling seamless data management wherever the enterprise data is located to improve data protection, governance, and analytics. Sky will be offered first for Remote / Branch Offices (ROBOs) and a Cloud deployment option for businesses that are looking to move their enterprise workloads onto the cloud. Actifio’s CDS and Actifio Sky work together to eliminates barriers to data mobility between the edge to the core, enabling transformational data management velocity and scale across the enterprise.

Actifio Sky’s capabilities will include:

  • Easy Download and Deploy with a consumer-grade UI delivering an intuitive, point-and-click data management delivering faster time to productivity
  • Application-centric, SLA-based management for powerful remote data protection and disaster recovery for applications
  • Rapid recovery from remote site failure, centrally, or into the cloud
  • The ability to vault data directly to public cloud storage services including Amazon Web Services
  • Patented Dedup-Async Replication™ for network-optimized data replication and space efficiency through Direct-to-DeDup storage

For more information on Acitfio Sky, visit their product website.

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