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Actifio rolls out new copy data storage appliances, enhances software

January 29, 2013

Actifio, on Tuesday announced that it has enhanced its data protection appliance and software and introduced a new pay-per-use utility pricing plan.

The company announced a new appliance — the Actifio 100T — which is capable of protecting 100TB of production data and 1,000 virtual machines. Actifio 100Ts can be stacked to support 2PB of data.

ssg_logoThe company also rolled out a gateway appliance that can be placed in front of third-party storage devices and virtualize the storage on them. The Actifio Gateway consists of a controller without storage capacity that can be deployed in distributed enterprises.

Actifio also introduced a new pricing model that allows customers to pay as their volumes of data grow. The pricing covers the storage hardware, software, storage, installation and maintenance. It is available on a per terabyte per year basis.

The 5.1 software version includes new configuration wizards, new data governance, business resilience and service management features. In data governance, Actifio has included SLA-based data integrity validation, improved SLA compliance reporting and user/roles-based auditing. In addition, the company announced support for LDAP and Active Directory and bare metal restore, test failover capabilities and FailBack and SyncBack, which allow organizations to resume normal operations after a failure.

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