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Actifio Rolls Out Actifio 6.0 with Enhanced Features

August 20, 2013

Actifio, a company that specializes in copy data storage solutions, has recently enhanced the Actifio 6.0 with new features that significantly expands its scope and capabilities as a strategic and application-defined copy data management platform.

tmcnet_logoThe company has enhanced the Actifio 6.0 with exclusive features in the areas of development/test data management, accelerated service introduction for cloud service providers, access from anywhere via mobile apps, and deeper application support across enterprise applications.

In addition, the new Actifio 6.0 works in favor of service providers offering them the new capabilities to quickly launch new services such as DevOps and dev/test services, backup/recovery and archive-as-a-service from a single platform.

It even offers advanced application support across major enterprise platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, SAP, Oracle, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and IBM iSeries. Actifio’s advanced integration now shields the majority of all enterprise applications providing data protection and business continuity across the board.

“Copy data management is about way more than making backup more efficient,” said Ash Ashutosh, Actifio founder and CEO. “Once a customer has protected their application data with Actifio, they can not only recover it, they can leverage it in ways that make the business more agile. With Actifio 6.0, we’re introducing new workflow tools and specialized features to transform the way DBA’s get their hands on the data they need to develop new applications, for example. And over the coming months you’ll see us refine and integrate similar features, to better support the use cases our customers are showing us every day.”

Also, Actifio 6.0 is now built with superior capabilities to give enterprises advanced integration between their infrastructure, enterprise apps and primary databases for application-aware data management, self-service provisioning for development, on-demand test data creation for user acceptance and full app lifecycle protection.

With this arrangement, enterprises can use the single, golden copy again and again provided by Actifio to work from instantly refreshable, application consistent data, greatly accelerating development and testing.

“We’re thrilled with the success our cloud service provider partners are having with their Actifio-based offerings,” said Actifio president, Jim Sullivan. “Actifio 6.0 will provide them with the ability to deploy and commercialize market-differentiated offerings more quickly, while maintaining the simplicity of operations and capital efficiency that have become our hallmark.”

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