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Actifio revenue up, seeks to align with DevOps, cloud

November 30, 2018

Actifio is looking to ride a DevOps wave to an initial public offering, but for now the data management vendor is concentrating on bolstering support of its customers and channel partners.

Actifio said the quarter that ended Oct. 31 was its largest third quarter ever.

CEO Ash Ashutosh, who founded the company in 2009, said he is happy with the growth rates, but stressed that the quality of the Actifio revenue is more important. Ashutosh said Actifio customers are not just using the vendor for data protection but also asking themselves, “What can I do with this data?”

Actifio, which helped create the term “copy data management” in its early days, now calls itself a data-as-a-service software provider. Actifio software provides backup and disaster recovery, plus data management capabilities such as DevOps and analytics. The vendor claims 52% of Actifio revenue is driven by products to boost DevOps, analytics and cyber resilience initiatives. The DevOps process can result in a proliferation of data copies if not managed properly.

As a private company, Actifio does not provide specific revenue amounts, but Ashutosh said the company will when the time is right. Actifio has long been considered a strong candidate for an initial public offering. Ashutosh said he thinks that will happen but does not have a date set.

“It’s a milestone in the journey,” Ashutosh said, but noted that it’s not something he spends too much time contemplating.

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