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Actifio Releases Major Update to Resiliency Director Platform

June 28, 2016

he Boston, MA based, copy data virtualization company, Actifio, announced yesterday a major update to Actifio Resiliency Director, its solution that facilitates non-disruptive application recovery and test environment creation, ‘from the data center to the cloud’. According to their website, Actifio Resiliency Director works to “deliver complete resiliency in the cloud and enables enterprises to restore business functionality faster and cheaper than previously possible.” The new product orchestrates compute, network, and data at a cloud service provider or enterprise disaster recovery site and validates the result. In an effort to address the challenges that enterprise face within and after the disaster recovery process, Resiliency Director is said to aid businesses, offering peace-of-mind with just a few clicks.

“This latest version of Actifio Resiliency Director is just another example of how Actifio is continuing to pioneer the transformation of data management for today’s enterprises.” said Ash Ashutosh, CEO and Founder, Actifio. “Data is the lifeblood of the modern enterprise and is only going to increase in importance, so ensuring it is recoverable in the event of an application failure is critical. The improvements to Resiliency Director make it quicker, cheaper, and easier for businesses to guard against disaster, giving them invaluable piece of mind that their important data is only ever a few clicks away, even when things don’t go to plan.”

Actifio reports some new product features, including:

Security: Resiliency Director now allows multiple admin roles to be created and defined, meaning different users can do specific operations based on their role. This is especially useful for large enterprises and service providers who typically have multiple users and roles.

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