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Actifio in Partnership With Managed Services Company Intility in Norway

September 15, 2017

Getting reliable enterprise cloud platform

Actifio, Inc. announced a partnership with Intility AS, a managed services company that has built an agile and reliable cloud platform that accelerates digital transformation.

Using Actifio Sky and Actifio Global Manager (AGM), Intility applies unified web-scale management to package and deliver new user data easily. It gains efficient, automated data movement with ongoing synchronization of changes and multi-cloud provider support.

Since 2000, Intility has grown to support more than 15,000 users in more than 1,300 locations across 30 countries. The company’s core mission is to partner with organizations and enable their digital transformation. It helps manage existing customer infrastructure while creating, implementing and supporting a cloud migration strategy to enable their users to transparently move to the cloud.

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