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Actifio multi-cloud support extends DR to AWS, Azure

June 18, 2019

Actifio Multi-Cloud Mobility and Automation brings multi-cloud disaster recovery to Sky, along with flexible migration capabilities for companies that want to stay agile.

Actifio Sky’s new multi-cloud capability allows customers to use AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or IBM Cloud for disaster recovery.

Actifio Multi-Cloud Mobility and Automation launched today at Actifio Data Driven 2019. An added component to the vendor’s Actifio Sky data virtualization platform, Actifio Multi-Cloud Mobility, lets users move workloads between on-premises environments and multiple public clouds. Use cases for this include disaster recovery (DR) and migration.

“We really saw multi-cloud become table stakes in the last 18 months,” said Brian Reagan, chief marketing officer at Actifio, and a former CTO at IBM and technology strategist at EMC.

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