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Actifio Launches ‘Resiliency Cloud’ for Self-Service DR

February 10, 2015

The service is designed to replace the hodgepodge of data protection and management tools that can take root in midrange to large enterprises.

Data management provider Actifio is building what it calls a “resiliency cloud” with a new product it launched Feb. 9. Actifio One is software as a service (SaaS) that provides businesses of any size with a fast way to make applications available when and where they need them—and in the case of an outage. eweek-logoThe service is designed to replace the hodgepodge of data protection and management tools that can take root in midrange to large enterprises. Actifio One is a hardware- and operating system-agnostic data protection service designed to protect applications and databases running on physical servers and systems running VMware, Windows, Microsoft Hyper-V, Linux, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and all other major databases.

A Self-Service Cloud

“We allow our users to run business resilience as a service, so that when something goes bump in the night, you can immediately bring back your applications in the Actifio One cloud,” founder and CEO Ash Ashutosh told eWEEK. “It’s done completely in a self-service way. You pay for what you use, when you use it, and do it instantly.”

As more enterprises use virtualization in servers and storage to collapse infrastructure and enable cloud-service models, many are discovering the problems posed by essential application data that’s unusable due to legacy infrastructures. Solving this data problem is more difficult than vendors typically will admit because copy data multiplies incessantly.Copy data is defined as any data that is not currently being used in production.Actifio’s approach to this problem, copy data virtualization (CDV)—an approach now provided by multiple vendors—offers an answer for this loss of control. It applies the same virtualization approach to data that changed everything with servers a dozen years ago. It frees data from the use case-defined silos of infrastructure that characterize older-generation data management architectures, thus opening the door for global enterprises to obtain better use of their apps.
Key Features of Actifio One
CDV provides the basis for the Actifio One cloud, Ashutosh said. You can view a recent eWEEK slide show detailing how CDV works here. Key features of Actifio One, according to Ashutosh, include:
–Customers can tier, protect, provision and recover applications in minutes through the cloud service.
–Enterprise-grade security and auditability: Data is encrypted in motion and at rest. Access is controlled centrally, and admins know who has access to what data, and when.
–Self-service approach puts the user in control.
Ashutosh said Actifio has hundreds of enterprise users in 36 countries, and that the company is provisioning and protecting more than 3 exabytes of enterprise data. Actifio One is available through Actifio and its worldwide business partners. For more information, go here.