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Actifio Launches Cloud-based Application Resiliency Service

February 9, 2015

Actifio today announced the launch of Actifio One, a cloud-based application resiliency service that offers a unified approach to data protection for applications across physical servers, VMware, Windows, Hyper-V, Linux, Oracle, and SQL Server. Actifio One is designed not only to provide redundancy and recovery for application data but to host the applications themselves during a disaster recovery scenario in the production environment.

storagereview_logo1Actifio One utilizes Virtual Data Pipeline, Actifio’s proprietary copy data virtualization technology, and is deployed via a software tool installed on the host systems. This new service represents the latest development in a growing list of solutions that leverage the company’s Virtual Data Pipeline to improve the efficiency of enterprise storage by limiting the capacity required for copy data.

The service aims to provide all of the tools necessary to handle snapshots, replication, and disaster recovery with an application- and SLA-based paradigm. Data is encrypted while in motion, and Actifio One can be configured to encrypt data at rest as well. In the event of a disruption to the production environment, Actifio One uses the customer’s predefined recovery plan to invoke recoveries from the cloud and activate a cloud-based virtual machine to provide accessibility to the customer’s applications.


Actifio One is available through Actifio and its partners. The company also offers a 15-day free trial.


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