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Actifio launches Actifio One to bring cloud data virtualization to mid-market organizations

February 9, 2015

Actifio is not coasting into 2015. The Waltham-based copy data virtualization company, which is expected to go public this year, is holding a major event in Austin, Texas, later next week called the eCloud Summit. It’s also one of the few local “unicorns,” or privately held companies valued over $1 billion, in the region.

BetaBostonIn the company’s Waltham office, there’s tangible sense of that big things are on the horizon: there’s a beehive-like buzz of people moving from meeting to meeting, a din of sales calls and teleconference strategy sessions, and even the whir of wood saws and power tools as it is in the midst of an office expansion.

But for all that is happening at Actifio these days, it’s executives say that nothing is more vital to the success of the company moving forward than today’s launch of Actifio One, a product that enables smaller, mid-market companies to take advantage of its virtualized data backup and storage offerings.

The cloud-based Actifio One is a copy data virtualization service that provides businesses of all sizes with the ability to manage and back up application data and ensure that their applications continue to run while allowing the ability to fix problems when they arise. The company’s software makes it easy for organizations to install and quickly run Actifio’s products.

“We are following the evolution of how are users are using technology and acquiring solutions,” Actifio chief executive Ash Ashutosh said. “Rather than just have the software sent to a user and tell them, ‘Okay, you figure out how to use this,’ we’ve become very good at what users require and making it very simple for users to realize value as fast as possible.”

In terms of what Actifio One brings to its potential new customers, Ashutosh said, “It’s more of an evolution of how it is packaged and which markets you are going after, rather than being something fundamentally different from what we do.”

“It is still the same copy data virtualization that we are doing, it is still changing the economics and the speed of the storage and data management part,” Ashustosh added, “it is just packaged in a way that the consumers are ready for.”

The company has already deployed Actifio One to a few beta customers with great success, including the Town of Banff, in Alberta, Canada. Actifio One is an IT service that brings together in one place many of the services for applications and databases that run on a wide range of products including on physical servers, as well as VMware, Linux, Oracle, and others.

Already having found success deploying its product in the large enterprise space, Ashutosh said that the move to a larger swath of potential customers could make Actifio a next generation backup services company that is way ahead of the technological curve than potential competitors, who may be relying on outdated and unsustainable infrastructure.

While Massachusetts is home to one of world’s largest backup services company in EMC, the company that carries the technological data backup torch going forward may be in Waltham, and they just took a huge step today towards being a bigger player in the industry.


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