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Actifio Extends Data Virtualization Solution to AWS, Google

July 27, 2015

Data management within the context of an on-premise IT environment has always been difficult enough. With the introduction of cloud computing most IT organizations are only exacerbating a pre-existing data management issue that many of them have no real tools in place to address.

To address that issue Actifio has extended the reach of its data virtualization that makes it simpler to unify the management of all the copies of the same data that exists across the enterprise. Now Actifio is not only extending that capability out to Amazon Web Services (AWS) by making its software available on the AWS Marketplace; it is also giving customers the option of storing data in cloud using the Google Nearline Cloud Storage service that was rolled out last month.

While there’s no doubt that the rise of cloud computing has presented the channel with a number of business challenges, the fact remains that the more widespread the usage of cloud platforms becomes the more challenged internal IT organizations become.

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