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Actifio Announces New Enhanced Solutions for VMware

August 25, 2014

Actifio has announced a series of significant platform enhancements for businesses that use VMware’s cloud suite. These enhancements extend the power of virtualization from compute and networks to storage, delivering an application-centric data management model that breaks the bonds of legacy infrastructure.storagereview_logo1

Because Actifio virtualizes the management and retention of data, it enables businesses to eliminate multiple data silos. Additionally, it also point tools that are originally deployed for backup, disaster recovery, business continuity, compliance, analytics, and test and development, to instead rely on one, SLA-driven, virtualized solution. The new capabilities allow for greater management and interoperability, increased resiliency, and cloud mobility, including:

  • Easy Cloud Management: Management extensions for VMware vSphere and vCloud with a plug-in for the vSphere Web Client.
  • Fast Storage Deployment: Advanced Actifio Sky integration with VMware vSAN technology.
  • Rapid Application Recovery: Actifio ReadyVM technology integration with VMware.
  • Deep Storage Intelligence: Actifio CDS and Sky support for VMware virtual volume (VVol) technology beta program.
  • Application Recovery Assurance: General Availability of Actifio Resiliency Director, the world’s fastest recovery automation of virtual machines in the cloud.
  • Cloud Mobility: Easily move applications between locations with heterogeneous storage environments or move, vault, or retire applications between clouds with Actifio’s patented dedupe-async technology.

Organizations can now seamlessly manage all levels of their Software-Defined Data Center using Actifio’s advanced integration with VMware via vCenter APIs, VMware APIs for Data Protection, VMware Virtual Volumes (VVol), Change Block Tracking, and now VMware vSAN.

  • New vCenter plugin: For VMware Administrators that prefer to manage their infrastructure through VMware vCenter, vSphere Web Client, or the vCloud Suite, Actifio provides a plugin that enables management of virtualized copy data from VMware’s management platforms.
  • New vSAN Support for Actifio Sky: VMware Virtual SAN is the software-defined storage solution for the VMware datacenter enabling storage and compute to run in the same physical host.  Actifio certified Actifio Sky integration for VMware vSANs removes the need for external storage for copy data.
  • New VVol Support (Beta): Actifio offers advanced VM-centric storage awareness for copy services including snapshots/clone offload for production VMware environments for superior performance and scale. Experimental Actifio VVol integration will also provide SLA awareness directly into the VM-layer enabling built-in data protection, rapid VM migration, and efficient application development with Actifio LiveClone functionality.

In addition, Cloud Mobility enables efficient Data Services for software defined data centers. With New Cloud Vaulting, Actifio Sky Cloud Vault provides SLA-driven cloud data vaulting for select vCloud Service Providers or Amazon Web Services (AWS), which acts as a replication target from data centers with disparate infrastructures. In addition, Actifio’s WAN-optimized replication protocol eliminates barriers to data mobility from the data center to and from the cloud, enabling transformational data management velocity and scale.

Actifio also provides a single VMware-based solution for backup, recovery, disaster recovery, business continuity, and application development and testing:

  • New ReadyVM Technology: Actifio ReadyVM enables instant mount and recovery of failed VMs locally or in a remote location in a ready state.  Disaster recovery tests can be run on-demand using ReadyVM, which are also firmly integrated with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager to maintain management consistency.
  • New Actifio Resiliency Director (GA): Actifio Resiliency Director coordinates the recovery of compute, network, and data at an enterprise disaster recovery site, or a cloud service provider, and validates the results in order to provide a complete solution for non-disruptive, automated recovery and test. It also provides a complete resiliency in the cloud and enables enterprises to restore critical business functionality faster and cheaper than previously possible.

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