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Actifio 6.0 Copy Data Storage Platform Announced

August 19, 2013

Actifio 6.0 is being announced and is an application-defined copy data management platform that provides data backup and disaster recovery features that go beyond functionality that exists with competing software. While other applications offer backup and business continuity, Actifio 6.0 drives innovation further with features including the ability to instantly provision application data for self-service development and testing as well as optimization for cloud service providers to speed-up service introduction with lowered infrastructure and associated costs. The design driving Actifio is that the software can capture data from applications across the enterprise, reduce the amount of data required to be sent across networks, and as a result reduce the overall cost of data management by as much as 90%. Actifio can also be managed anywhere using an iOS app.

storagereview_logoActifio 6.0 integrates organizations’ infrastructures, enterprise apps, and underlying databases for application-aware data management, self-service provisioning for development, on-demand test data creation for user acceptance and full app lifecycle protection. Enterprises can then use single copy provided by Actifio to work from. The new version, v6.0, now provides on-demand, self-service app development. Administrators can thus provision test instances, and LiveClone and LiveClone Layers deliver live-updated independent virtual copies of data that are space-efficient. Actifio 6.0 also features simplifed Dev-Test workflows with user-defined scheduled processing of copy data to enhance workflows for test & development, ETL, reporting, analytics, etc.

With the release of Actifio 6.0, the company is working to enable cloud service providers with solutions to challenges of keeping costs down while still offering differentiated service levels with incremental services, managing complex environments without expending too much labor, etc. Actifio 6.0 enables cloud service providers to launch services faster including DevOps and dev/test services, backup/recovery and archive-as-a-service. Additional enhancements include:

  • Multi-tenancy – Secure separation of tenants with custom-scoped SLAs, Resources, replication types and more
  • On-Boarding – Data seeding, non-disruptive application/data migration, rich API for portal integration
  • Billing/Reporting – Easy integration with existing billing systems through RESTful API, PostgreSQL queries; virtual reporting appliance included
  • Security – Role-based access controls, encryption in flight, optional encryption at rest, and full audit logging

Actifio 6.0 also includes greater application support across enterprise platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, SAP, Oracle, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and IBM iSeries. With this release, Actifio’s integration forms an umbrella over the majority of all enterprise applications, enabling improved data protection capabilities.


Actifio 6.0 is available now as a software upgrade for the Actifio copy data storage platform.

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