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Actifio 5.1 Debuts New Copy Data Solutions and Pricing Models

February 1, 2013

Actifio’s technology portfolio is built to address a single aspect of enterprise IT infrastructure: the redundant copy data created by siloed systems such as backup, disaster recovery, business continuity, development, and test purposes. The newly-updated Actifio platform decouples data management from storage, network, and server infrastructure with or without Actifio storage hardware, with traditional or utility pricing models.

storagereview_logoActifio 100T and Enterprise Gateway Overview

The Actifio 100T is a turnkey solution for data centers and compute farms in mid-sized to large-sized application environments. The 100T product line starts with a hardware solution able to protect up to 100 Terabytes of production data, with modular storage and processor upgrades that allow growth up to 2 Petabytes. Each Actifio 100T can manage up to 1,000 virtual machines.

Actifio’s new Enterprise Gateway virtualizes and manages third-party storage to meet the copy data virtualization requirements of distributed enterprises, including cloud and managed service providers with a mix of physical, virtual, and heterogeneous server and storage infrastructure. The Actifio Enterprise Gateway also scales to handle multi-petabytes of data.

Utility Pricing

Actifio’s new utility pricing model allows customers to pay on a per-terabyte per-year basis, with rates decreasing as volumes increase. This change supports Actifio’s expanding channel program, smoothing the implementation of chargeback models and assisting service providers aligning procurement with market demand. Customers who wish to purchase the hardware and services through traditional means will continue to have that option.

New Software Functionality

Actifio 5.1 includes new features for data governance, business resilience, and service management as well as user experience enhancements and new configuration wizards.. Data governance features include SLA-based data integrity validation; enhanced SLA compliance reporting; user/role-based auditing; LDAP and Active Directory integration; and disk-to tape enhancements.

The Actifio platform now supports bare metal restoration of Windows and Linux servers to dissimilar hardware, test failover for non-disruptive disaster recovery tests, and FailBack and SyncBack functionality. FailBack and SyncBack resume normal operations after a disaster by only moving uniquely changed application data from the disaster recovery site back to the primary site when operations resume.