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2016 Virtualization 50

March 17, 2016

Targeting The Virtualized Data Center

Vendors are talking more and more about the mythical software-defined data center, an architecture that someday will make it possible to move the key infrastructure components — think compute, storage, networking, client computing and so on — into a software layer sitting on top of commodity hardware. While it will take time to realize the benefits that a full software-defined infrastructure will bring, that isn’t stopping vendors of those various components from virtualizing key capabilities and turning them into software-defined whatever.

With all the changes, it’s important to realize that the channel remains at the center of the virtualization universe. Virtualizing a data center environment requires not only new software and services, but integration with a company’s business processes and legacy hardware and software.

Here are 50 key virtualization technology vendors working with channel partners.


Headquarters: Boston

Ash Ashutosh, Founder, CEO

Actifio helps enterprises and service providers virtualize their data via its Virtual Data Pipeline technology, which decouples data from the infrastructure for increased resiliency and access to the cloud. It replaces siloed data management applications with an approach that lets data be captured from production applications and then managed and used when and where needed.

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