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20 Most Promising Back Up Solution Providers 2016 – Actifio: Transforming Copy Data into Strategic Business Advantage

February 22, 2016

Today, protecting operational data— backing it up and ensuring security— and facilitating rapid data access has become more complicated for organizations. Constant information backup demands significant capital outlays, tedious maintenance

requirements, and flexibility of proprietary tools. Moreover, backup solutions currently are mere extensions to existing platforms that add expense and complexity without addressing the core issues of data protection and recovery. In such a scenario, embracing latest technology, Actifio virtualizes data and eliminates redundancies, saving time and cost and minimizing complexity.

Waltham-based Actifio generates a “golden copy” of content which is available instantly and streamlines IT infrastructure and operations. The company replaces legacy data protection techniques with a thoroughly simple, application-centric, SLA-driven approach and allows data management and fixes the backup problem. Actifio develops data architecture in a way that permanently and efficiently resolves data protection needs across virtual, physical, and heterogeneous levels with only one unique platform. The company’s platform, Copy Data Virtualization decouples strategic data from commoditized infrastructure, enabling dramatic improvements in business resiliency, agility, and access to the cloud. The platform replaces all the software licensing and capital intensive hardware held in backup, snapshot, disaster recovery, business continuity, Dev and Test, compliance, and analytics systems with a single and uncomplicated approach which makes scattered data available whenever required.

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