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Larry the Bear

Chief Database Officer


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Better known as Actifio’s Database Beast, Larry has held many leadership and executive positions across the industry based on his ferocious appetite for taming very large and unbearable databases.

As a result of all the free time he saves by easily cloning and managing grizzly databases with Actifio, Larry now enjoys hibernating in Winter, fishing for salmon in Spring, picking wild berries in Summer and devouring copious amounts of sweet honey in Autumn.

Born and raised in the wilderness of Chicago, Larry is a rabid Bears and Cubs fan. Since his relocation to Boston after joining Actifio, he has become a savage Bruins fanatic.  

He hails from a long line of legendary bears including his cousin Smokey (famous for his disaster recovery strategies) and uncle Yogi who’s smarter than the average bear (known also for his innovation in artificial intelligence and machine learning). 

Larry holds a degree in Computer Science from Brown University where he also worked part-time as a DBA in the school’s IT department and proudly served as the varsity mascot for the Brown Bears.

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