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John Meyers PHD

John A. Meyers, Ph.D.

Chief Information Security Officer

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Dr. Meyers serves as Actifio’s Chief Security Officer and working closely with Engineering is responsible for the secure design and development of all of Actifio’s products, as well as overseeing Actifio’s corporate IT, security, technical compliance, and facilities programs.

An Immunologist by training, he holds a Top Secret security clearance and is responsible for Actifio’s US Government defense and intelligence programs.   Prior to joining Actifio, Dr. Meyers was one of Actifio’s earliest customers while serving as Director of Technology for Medicine at Boston University and Boston Medical Center, and has been intricately

involved in the development and shaping of Actifio’s products and solutions from the earliest days of the company.  His current interests lie in Big Data, machine learning, cryptography, and information security, and he routinely works with Actifio’s customers, prospects, and partners to help achieve their security goals and respond to emerging threats.