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Why Copy Data Management Is So Disruptive

Why copy data management is so disruptive

As the now-famous Harvard Business Review article said it first, all organizations are in fact becoming a software business collecting and analyzing data with the vision to build better products faster. Because time-to-market has such a profound impact on organizational performance (revenue, market share),  most organizations are striving to streamline and accelerate application release cycles.

With new DevOps processes driving agile development, and Copy Data Management capabilities that enable enterprises to provision data across the enterprise, anytime anywhere for test and dev purposes, the vision of accelerated time-to-market can now be realized.

So what is Copy Data Management? And what is the key problem?

Copy Data Management is the process of provisioning data for DevOps purposes once the backup is completed with the following characteristics:

  • On-demand – Provisioning time of a few minutes vs waiting for 1 to 2 weeks 
  • Lower costs – Reducing storage costs by 90% with virtualization while still providing high fidelity data
  • Ensuring high-quality release- Ability to do performance and scalability testing upfront and in parallel with functional testing; thereby releasing software on time and on budget while not compromising on quality
  • Security – Role-based access with data masking and auditing to ensure security and privacy

Actifio invented Copy Data Management to leverage the Backup Data to accelerate other initiatives like DR, DevOps, Analytics, Cyber Resilience. Actifio’s Copy Data Management solution is fully integrated into the DevOps process. Tools like Jenkins, and Ansible call Actifio’s APIs to provision a virtual copy of the database further streamlining the process.

The Results Speak For Themselves 

Our customers have seen a significant reduction in provisioning times, from an average of 11 days to about 18 minutes, dramatically improving the productivity of their DevOps teams. 

Our customers have reduced time to market by as much as 25% resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars of economic impact.  

Learn more about Actifio’s Copy Data Management solution.

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