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Welcome, EMC. Seriously.

Ash-Thumb (1)By Ash Ashutosh, CEO – After seeing your recent EMC Copy Management announcement, we want to welcome you to the most exciting and important marketplace since the storage revolution began 25 years ago. Congratulations on recognizing the transformational impact of Copy Data Management, and its difference from architectures designed to manage production data.  Evolving from an infrastructure-centric to an application-centric model will give businesses around the world instant access to application data from any point in time, for whatever purpose. It will not only improve business resilience, but help them uncover new insights, and make them more agile in addressing new opportunities and threats.

Five years ago, when we pioneered the technical architecture you endorsed last week, organizations were spending over $40B on excess storage, servers, networks and software in a losing battle to deliver the service levels their businesses needed. Next year that number will reach $46B. We look forward to responsible competition to cut this number in half over the next 3 years.

As the leader in this market we understand being a leader means putting customer’s interests ahead of your own. We appreciate your commitment to do so, even as those orders for more and more storage slow down. We know doing so won’t be easy. But we also know it’s the right thing to do for users over the long run.

Welcome to the task. We’ll see you in the marketplace.

Ash Ashutosh

Founder & CEO, Actifio

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