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Ways to Save Money with Multicloud

This is 1 of 5 short videos interviewing one of Actifio’s cloud experts, Ashok Ramu.


Jay Livens:  Hi, this is Jay Livens, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Actifio.  Today I have with me Ashok Ramu, who is the GM of cloud solutions at Actifio, and today we’re talking about cloud.  Got some great questions for Ashok today.  Ashok welcome.

Ashok Ramu:  Thank you, great to be here.

Jay Livens:  Let me start with the first one.  What are the three ways to save money with a multi-cloud strategy?

Ashok:  Multi-cloud has become the up and coming buzzword, because everybody wants to hedge between different cloud providers.  You don’t want vendor lock-in, you want to basically get the best out of all three cloud platforms.  If you look at the cloud platform, you’re talking Amazon, Azure, and Google.

Amazon is the leader in the market.  They’ve been there for about 10-plus years doing really well.  Azure has an enterprise presence, and Google is big on analytics and getting more value for your data.  So what people want to do is essentially get the best of everything, which means you need to move your crown jewel, which is your data from one cloud to another, and be able to leverage that and connect that to the compute in each cloud.

So the key aspect to leverage those three cloud platforms is look at the strength of each cloud platforms, look at what your business does for data, and then leverage the appropriate capabilities there.  So for instance you might actually pick up and run an Amazon and say this is lowest cost compute.

You might say, “My sequel workloads run better in Azure,” and move back to Azure.  And you might say, “I want to run BigQuery and analytics for my Oracle and move back to Google.”  And you might want to do all of this with a single pane of glass, because you don’t want to be managing three different tool sets or two different portals.  So that makes it really hard.

So from a strategy standpoint you want to think about what is the utility, what is the single pane of glass view.  And the most important piece is how do I get my data flowing between these environments in a seamless fashion without losing control.  I think that is key, because most customers are concerned about losing operational control once the data leaves the data cell.

And that is where the vendors like Actifio come in and basically say — they give you a single pane of glass to manage your data no matter where it is based in the cloud or on premise, and give you a seamless extension to attach the data to any kind of compute you want..

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