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Vote for Our VMWorld Sessions

VMware puts on a grand party every year at the...

VMware puts on a grand party every year at the VMworld event. This year’s big thing was inviting Smash Mouth to come and play. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re starting to gear up for the big VMWorld Show in San Francisco at the end of August, and could really use your support in getting our proposed speaking gigs onto the docket. The first is session #2304 – Intelligent Disaster Recovery: Accelerating vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Adoption with Virtualized Data Management presented by the Actifio Team.  One of the major barriers to deploying great DR automation tools like SRM is the high cost of SAN based replication and the expensive networking that goes along with it to move data from point A to point B.  This session will show you why bringing virtualization into data management changes the economics automating disaster recovery and ultimately making the world a safer place.  Who wouldn’t want to vote for that!  Please do.  Early and often. The second is session #2634 – Your Big Data Problems Solved Simply.  This session comes from the desk of Dr. John Meyers from Boston University Medical Center.  He’ll be discussing the unique challenges of storing, protecting and managing big data in life sciences.  John’s ability to get to cures faster is directly tied to the IT infrastructure his team employs for research.  The session is all about 1. Solving the big data problem which ultimately helps find cures that save lives and 2. How he’s using Actifio to manage/backup/share huge amounts of clinical & research data across a highly heterogenous enviornment (We’re talking Isilon, 3PAR, IBM etc.)  So queue up the ER theme music and rock over to the VMworld site to vote for Dr. Meyer’s session. Sound good? Here’s what we need you to do:

  1. If you haven’t done so already, fill out a quick registration form for VMWorld.
  2. Visit the voting page, click “Filter Options,” enter 2304 in the keyword box and click Submit at the bottom of the page. Click the “Thumbs Up” icon.
  3. Finally, click the “Reset Filter Options” button on that same page, then “Filter Options.” Enter 2634, Submit, and click the Thumbs Up.

We really appreciate your support, and hope to see you at the show!

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