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The Economics of VMware Backup to the Cloud

vmware backup to cloud

What if you were able to protect 100 TB of on-premises VMware VMs and achieve low RTO, low RPO and data retention for just 3.5 cents per protected GB-month in the cloud? 3.5 cents per protected GB-month means $3.5K per month, $130K in 3 years.

Other benefits of using the cloud: No storage, network, compute and capacity management. Zero CAPEX impact. Reduce your DR data center footprint to zero.

You ought to leverage the new reality of cloud economics. And it’s not just in one cloud vendor. The chart below compares the cloud infrastructure costs per month for AWS, Azure, and Google.

Vmware backup to the cloud

Here is a breakdown of the various cost components in the cloud:

vmware backup to the cloud cost components

But what about the RTO & RPO?

You don’t have to sacrifice them. The table below shows the RTO & RPO you can get in the cloud, even with low cloud infrastructure costs.

benefits of vmware backup to the cloud

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