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This place is on fire…

Actifio was a winner in the 50 On Fire Awards last night. While we were incredibly proud and humbled to be recognized along with some very innovative companies and individuals, the event itself underlined what a dynamic community the Boston business scene has become.

As has been mentioned in the press lately, Boston is a remarkable place to start and build a company.  The talent pool is phenomenal and abounds with rockstar technical people, dynamic marketers, product visionaries, and more. The eco-system of finance partners, service providers, and professionals is deep. And businesses are forming to attack big problems and huge opportunities.

Actifio is part of that community. We may have been #BornGlobal, but our connections to the Boston business community run deep. That is the big reason that winning 50 on Fire meant so much to us. It was recognition of our membership and leadership within the community that we respect so much.

It also helps increase our visibility within that pool of talented people who make businesses grow. If you are one of those talented people, check out our job listings and reach out to us.  As you can see from the event pictures and the video below, we’re “on fire” and we are having a great time building a great company…

[The video is set to play from the beginning of the Technology Award winners at 10:25. Actifio is featured at 11:00. The whole video is worth a watch as well…]

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