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The Unfair Edge of Data Virtualization

No, we’re not suggesting that you should cheat. But it’s interesting how often our customers thank us for providing them an awesome competitive edge. It’s so transformative “that it almost seems unfair.” One customer, a premier investor, handles extremely large data pools to be staged, shared, examined, managed and protected. They were struggling to stay cost effective, but still gain the required flexibility, simplicity and scale. Now, using Actifio, they expect to achieve as much as 75% in cost reductions over 5yrs. As important, their data management issues are being smoothly resolved: “Actifio is the first solution robust enough to handle any type of data management need and elegant enough to allow the business to define SLAs and then click auto pilot and the technology just works.”

Theirs is a business that totally relies on information technology to function. For them, business strategies and IT strategies have fused. Their IT leaders are also the business leaders. To succeed, their technology needs to deliver immediate business value, lower costs, and improved agility. As with any financial services business, they also face demanding regulations. They’re expected to provide rapid access to data – current and historical. Now they can do it using a creative data management strategy that changes the old status quo. It’s less an unfair edge and more an accelerated advantage.

The Unfair Edge of Data Virtualization

We constantly encounter executives like this who are looking for an edge that will set them apart. They quickly see that opportunity by capitalizing on data virtualization as a disruptive technology. It gives them a resource to transform physical, infrastructure-bound assets to virtualized, portable, instantly accessible data. In the process they’re controlling cost, risk, time and quality. They’re meeting regulatory pressures and showing senior management they know how to deliver strategic business value.

Healthcare is another industry heavy with regulations. The cost and complexities of Electronic Health Records, for example, can be a major headache. But we’re seeing Actifio’s healthcare customers substantially reduce their expenses while improving performance and protection of patient-support systems. They’re replacing slow manual data management processes with virtualization and automation. System upgrades and data migrations are getting streamlined and reliable data controls are helping to manage regulatory compliance. As one healthcare IT director said: “We’re now faster, leaner, more powerful. We’ve saved money on compliance, support and training. We need less equipment. We run faster and are more productive. Actifio has changed how we work.”

What they’ve gained, really what all of our customers gain, is an integrated capability to greatly reduce risk, achieve data resiliency and assure regulatory compliance. That risk reduction includes reliable enterprise data controls. As they have virtualized data, they’ve created a new framework for secure data protection and lifecycle management. They not only address the challenges of government regulations, they move data management away from reactive responses and toward predictable and measurable control.

All of these customers are experiencing the practical benefit of data virtualization that has created a new management edge. It’s enabled simultaneous support for application development, test, backup, disaster recovery, analytics, archive and more. It has reshaped traditional mindsets to accelerate time-to-value capabilities and build new opportunities that extend efficiency and expand profits. It’s just the edge any board of directors is looking for.

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