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The 2018 Data Driven Innovation Awards

We had a great time during Actifio’s Data Driven 2018 conference at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami in early June. It was a great opportunity to hear from customers, partners, thought leaders, and solution experts about how they are using data, and how this data is affecting their businesses. With approximately 500 attendees, the event validated that data is the “new oil”, and Actifio can play an important role in helping customers manage their data for a variety of use cases.

Now, not only did we discuss how businesses in every industry are innovating and transforming around data – on-premises, in the cloud, hybrid cloud- we also recognized a select group of Actifio users who are truly realizing the value of our technology. The 2018 Data Driven Awards recognized those organizations and leaders who are fully embracing the opportunity to leverage data for a strategic and competitive advantage. We were excited to present these awards to the following winners:


  • One of the largest insurance companies in the US
  • Application teams required additional non-production copies of a large 100TB+ database (along with more frequent refreshes)
  • With Actifio, provisioning and refresh time was reduced from 350+ hours to < 30 minutes



  • Largest Canadian pharmaceutical company with revenue of ~ $2B
  • Completely eliminated traditional data protection vendor (EMC) to focus on a copy data management strategy
  • Recovery times reduced from 12+ hours to < 30 minutes



  • Largest health care insurer in the Mid-Atlantic region, serving 3.2 million members
  • Built a new development environment relying on Actifio’s Test Data Management (TDM) technology
  • Instant access to application consistent data for TDM reduced refreshes from 3 weeks to days
  • Automated refreshes and provided self service – freeing up high value staff time
  • Enabled advanced testing requirements (parallel testing, bookmarking, masking automation) – which led to releasing higher quality applications faster


Duke Energy

  • US electric power holding company with revenue of ~ $23B, serving 7.6 million customers
  • Hosts the largest SQL Always-On Availability Group environment in the World (per Microsoft)
  • Reduced large SQL DB cluster refresh times to mins – they performed ~ 13K SQL DB ad hoc refreshes last year
  • Using Actifio as a foundation technology to build private cloud to scale over multiple platforms


Fairfax County

  • Public administration / services for Fairfax County, Virginia
  • Extreme desire to eliminate multiple point tools for data protection
  • Performing backup and DR for SQL Server and eventually Oracle DBs
  • Performing automated, full DR tests with Actifio that they could not accomplish with previous technology


Global Airline Leader

  • One of the world’s largest and most recognizable airlines transporting over 160 million passengers annually
  • Embarked on a data protection project in 2017 to replace legacy Veritas and EMC Data Domain infrastructure with a solution focused on instant recovery
  • Launching additional use cases around DevOps and DR to further transform the value that IT provides at this airline


Leading National Government Services Firm

  • US management and information technology consulting firm with over $5B in revenue
  • Leveraging multiple use cases to drive better data mag and cost reduction
  • Utilizing cloud in AWS and Azure
  • Improve RPO and RTO for backups and reduce cost
  • Starting to streamline test and dev for Oracle and SQL by delivering virtual copies to lower level test environments


LPL Financial

  • The largest independent broker dealer in the US, with over $4B in revenue
  • Business goals were to improve RPO / RTO and reduce cost
  • Switched from legacy traditional backup platform to Actifio to use for multiple use cases: DevOps on SQL / Oracle as well as data center migration
  • Used Actifio to move SQL / Oracle DB from old DC to new, modernized DC in only a few weeks


Santee Cooper

  • South Carolina’s state-owned electric and water utility company serving over 165K residential and commercial customers
  • 4+ year Actifio customer who continues to innovate and look for further efficiency
  • Primary use case is data protection for Oracle and SQL; secondary use case covers test / dev for Oracle and SQL by delivering virtual copies to lower level test environments
  • Next steps are adopting public cloud with Actifio


Leading Global Payment Solutions Provider

  • One of the world’s largest credit card transaction processing companies
  • Delivered on vision of instant recovery for an environment that can’t afford downtime (if it went down, most people in the audience at Data Driven wouldn’t be able to use their credit cards!)
  • Replaced numerous traditional tools including Veritas NetBackup and EMC Data Domain


Tyler Technologies

  • Largest and one of the most important SaaS companies serving the public sector. Most people in the audience benefit from Tyler Tech’s technology without even realizing it!
  • Saw the value in Actifio early on and have deployed across the enterprise to focus on instant recovery of data


Waste Industries

  • A provider of non-hazardous solid waste and recycling collection, transfer, and disposal company in the southeast US with over 1.6 million service points
  • Leveraging Actifio to drive better data management and cost reduction
  • Use cases include data protection and disaster recovery modernization across multiple data centers
  • Actifio is also part of the company’s ransomware strategy, as they can recover from any point-in-time in case of an attack by using Actifio’s technology


To us, this tremendous list of enterprise users is the ultimate validation of our company’s mission – to free data from traditional infrastructure to accelerate adoption of hybrid cloud, build higher quality applications faster, and improve business resiliency and availability.

Congratulations to all the winners, thank you for sharing your stories, and we look forward to learning how you continue to innovate your data management strategy with Actifio. See you at Data Driven 2019!

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