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“Thank you” and other words that matter

This morning we just finalized our latest Actifio user success video, News Press & Gazette Co. (NPG).  If you remember back to April 18, when we first announced NPG becoming one of our valued service providers partners to use the Protection and Availability Storage (PAS) platform to deliver multiple cloud data management services from a single, turn-key platform.  So far we’ve publicly announced NPG, Lighthouse, Netwave and Navisite all who have been able to fundamentally change the economics of how they deliver cloud data management services with our technology.

Without this community of happy Actifio users, we couldn’t keep doing what we love most – bringing disruptive new technology that matters and makes peoples lives better to market.  It was with this as background that we decided to start the video with a story Liam Catherall (NPG’s EVP & CTO) told us about the day Actifio was fully installed  in their data center.  Warning: Video Spoiler-alert.  The entire staff said ‘Thank you‘ to Liam for freeing them from the tyranny of legacy backup, disaster recovery and data management methods they had suffered through using for far too long.


The freedom that Liam’s staff experienced from moving beyond legacy technology was only seconded by NPG’s own customers who now can eliminate their backup software (like the City of South Portland just did), move past expensive and un-reliable disaster recovery solutions and reverse their copy data growth.

“Actifio’s turn-key solution enabled us to very quickly deliver multiple data management cloud services that are in high demand in our key markets. With its easy-to-use interface, Actifio PAS enabled us to capitalize on the huge market demand for cloud services – without being chained to legacy technology and infrastructure,” said Liam “By leveraging Actifio’s PAS, we were able to break into the cloud data management service market and build out differentiated services easily without technology constraints in only 60 days.”

Just imagine that.  In only 60 days, Liam and the team demonstrated why NPG has been a trusted provider since 1845. It’s summed up in the first 8 words of NPG’s own vision statement: “To be the best and most reliable provider…”   

For this, we echo your staff’s response and say thank you to Liam and the entire NPG family.

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