How DevOps Fuels Digital Transformation


Today, Digital Transformation is happening all around us. With more and more companies choosing to adapt to this digital world, it is no wonder that people are finding ways to make this transformation as efficient and effective for their company as possible. DevOps is the combination of the “Development” and “Operations” teams within corporate application […]

3 Major Trends Driving Effective Test Data Management Strategies

Test Data Management (TDM) has become a very important part of software testing process. TDM is evolving and undergoing constant refinement with rapid changes in technology landscape and software development process. A lot of organizations work with fast changing business goals to reach out to end customers. This requires that the test data is available […]

5 Test Data Management Challenges for Modern Enterprises

In today’s world, a lot of organizations face IT challenges that are more complex than ever before. Businesses need to be ahead of the competition and for that they need to quickly iterate and release their applications for their consumers. For businesses seeking optimum functionality and better time-to-market, test data management (TDM) is a crucial component of […]

3 CI/CD Tools that Application Developers Should be Using with Oracle Test Data Management

Continuous Integration & Continuous Development (CI/CD) tools have become popular as organizations have adopted agile development methodologies and recognized the many benefits of implementing such tools as part of this process. These benefits include reducing risk, improving code quality, automating manual tasks, and accelerating the application development lifecycle. This leads to higher quality applications that […]

5 Ways DBAs Enable Application Development to Grow Topline Revenue

5 ways DBAs Enable application development to grow topline revenue

Not so long ago, there used to be a time when the roles of DBAs and application developers (using the databases) were fairly distinct. DBAs, true to their name, were really database administrators. They were primarily tasked with creating objects (views, tablespaces, indexes), backed up and recovered data, and managed the use of disk resources […]

5 Reasons Why You Need Data Masking for Oracle Test Data Management

why you need data masking for Oracle test data management

In the world of Oracle DevOps, agility is key and yet it must be balanced with information security.  Unfortunately, the headlines are filled with stories of companies who have not gotten the balance correct resulting large scale data breaches that cost companies millions of dollars financially and countless more in reputation.  As you think about […]

Oracle Backup, Recovery & Test Data Management: Actifio vs Legacy Vendors

oracle backup recovery test data management

Even top cloud vendors like Salesforce & Amazon use Oracle database for one or more critical apps. The odds of finding an enterprise running a mission-critical application without an Oracle database is extremely low. Like your mobile phone’s storage growth every month with more photos & songs, so is the growth of Oracle databases because […]

Implementing Test Data Management for DevOps: 5 Consideration Points

test data management for devops

The new buzzword for DevOps is “continuous.”  We have continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous obsolescence and for many developers, continuous consumption of Five Hour Energy.  Yes, the world of DevOps has radically changed development as we know it and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. For those of you just starting down […]

Copy Data Management = Polymorphism

I’d like to share a fascinating insight from a customer. Our sales team asked me to join them for a face-to-face discussion with the company’s VP of development and his team. After the introductions, he explained the key problem. His Dev & QA teams were struggling to execute their unit testing, build integration testing, and […]

How to Leverage Data Virtualization in Test Data Management

We’ve seen the benefits that digital businesses can get by adopting DevOps methods for application development. At the same time, the substantial importance of business applications cries out for the fastest, most efficient development resources. If DevOps is about collaboration and process, application execution and output are all about the power and capabilities of technology. […]

Effective Test Data Management: Music to a DBA’s Ears

There is no better way to hear from potential end-users than at a Trade Show, and  Oracle Open World (OOW) in San Francisco is a great example of this. At our booth last year we had the opportunity to talk to teams of DBAs from a very wide range of enterprise organizations and hear about […]

How DevOps Can Crush Application Release Cycles

We were recently joined for a Webinar by Jay Lyman of 451 Research. Our purpose was to highlight results from a 451 Research project and share some specific insights about enterprise DevOps and cloud adoption. I also presented an overview of how Actifio helps streamline and automate DevOps. I’ll summarize Jay’s key points here but […]