BigQuery vs RedShift Pricing

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post highlighting  4 Key Benefits of BigQuery.  One of the areas that I mentioned was pricing. In this blog, I wanted to highlight the pricing models available from Google BigQuery, AWS RedShift and AWS RedShift Spectrum.  As part of the process, I will highlight the strengths and […]

4 Ways to Protect Data in Google Cloud

4 ways to protect data in GCP

One of the first question that you should ask when moving to Google Cloud is how to protect your data.  Given the increasing importance of information, data protection is more critical than ever. In this blog post, we will look at the pros and cons of four ways to protect data in Google Cloud. Option […]

4 Key Benefits of Google BigQuery

4 Key Benefits of Google BigQuery

When it comes to analytics, Google BigQuery is a a great option.  It provides a managed service approach to data analytics and simplifies how customers can manage and run large analyses in the cloud.  However, there are many other options available from other vendors and so in this blog, I wanted to highlight four key […]

Copy data belongs in the cloud. Manage it there with Actifio.

We made two big press announcements today, something we rarely do. The first launched Actifio Sky for AWS, a new offering available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace that will let customers virtualize their copy data right within the Amazon cloud. The second announced a relationship with Google Cloud Platform that will make their Cloud […]