Managing Cloud Snapshots at Scale in a Multi-Cloud World

Managing Cloud Snapshots at Scale in a Multi-Cloud World

At the 2019 AWS Reinvent in Las Vegas, I had a fascinating discussion with Shawn, Director of Cloud Architecture at a very large enterprise that specializes in online payment processing. They had a massive army of 10,000+ VMs in GCP and AWS. Like many others, Shawn’s team was under the impression that you don’t need […]

Migrating SAP HANA to the public cloud

Migrating SAP HANA to the public cloud

Enterprises all over the world are looking to migrate SAP workloads running on premises to the cloud. The big question is, how will they migrate their SAP HANA data to the public cloud, especially for Tier 1 workloads like SAP production databases? Approaches such as custom scripts, native database replication, and recovering from backups suffer […]

5 Reasons to Consolidate Data Centers

Traditional data centers are a burden on today’s businesses. The format of massive data storage facilities requiring three to five years of fixed planning with a limited lifespan that will probably fill up too early is being replaced by moving corporate workloads to more flexible cloud based solutions. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd predicts that within ten years, […]

Accelerating Application Modernization – IDC Guest Blog

Guest Article by Phil Goodwin of IDC IDC estimates that as many applications will be deployed in the next five years as have been deployed in the previous four decades. In many cases, these new apps modernize existing apps, but may also be brand-new apps, both in support of digital transformation (DX) initiatives. We estimate that 55% […]

Backup and Recovery Using Cloud Object Storage – Actifio Versus Others

Let’s compare Actifio backup and recovery versus other solutions, while using cloud object storage. Cloud object storage is getting very popular as a target storage medium for short term, medium term and long term backups, because of 11 nines of durability and also extremely low cost.  So many enterprises are wondering how they can reduce […]

Need Database Clones in AWS Immediately!

Database clones

Database cloning is the process by which you create a point-in-time copy of a production database. Database cloning is usually done for different purposes: During application development cycles, the DB clones can be tested using the current database structure and content For being used by data extraction and warehouse tools For recovering data that was […]

Why Recovery Time Objective is Horrible with AWS EBS Snapshots!

RTo is horrible with AWS EBS snapshots

In the previous blog, we discussed the good, bad, and ugly of EBS snapshots. In this blog we will elaborate why recoveries from EBS snapshots takes a very long time. Here is how recoveries from EBS snapshots work. When you mount an EBS snapshot to an EC2 compute, the EBS snapshot makes you believe that […]

Backup to the Cloud Object Storage – Actifio vs Others

backup to cloud object storage

It’s hard to find an enterprise who doesn’t want to use cloud object storage for their backup retentions. Why? Following are some of the reasons. CIOs are demanding IT teams to reduce data center footprint. Enterprise architects and backup architects don’t want to suffer through complex storage capacity management on-premises.  Instead, they want to consume […]

The Benefits of Deploying Data Management at Scale for Large Enterprises

We’re witnessing a very large digital transformation that’s happening in industry.  Everybody wants to leverage the cloud to make their enterprise data centers run like the cloud.  And one of the fundamental reasons to do this is the scale at which the data is evolving.     Managing Very Large Databases Download the Whitepaper Customers are […]

4 Ways to Protect Data in Google Cloud

4 ways to protect data in GCP

One of the first question that you should ask when moving to Google Cloud is how to protect your data.  Given the increasing importance of information, data protection is more critical than ever. In this blog post, we will look at the pros and cons of four ways to protect data in Google Cloud. Option […]

5 Reasons to Move SAP HANA to the Public Cloud

5 Reasons to Move SAP HANA to the Public Cloud

If a few years back, someone would have told you to move your SAP HANA from on-premises to the public cloud, you’d have probably asked them to take a vacation. But that’s just water under the bridge now. Public cloud has established itself as a leading platform to run mission critical applications such as SAP […]

Why Being Data Driven is Important to Digital Transformation

digital transformation

Guest Post by Jonathan Brown, VP of Research at TechTarget Digital Transformation is ushering in a new wave for firms that are competing and setting themselves up to win by being data driven.  Firms that are considering digital transformation (and who isn’t?) would do well to evaluate their data management infrastructure, increase investments in security, and consider […]