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SAP on Google Cloud: Getting BOTH Price & Performance

sap on google cloud

Whether you are a CIO, VP of IT or a DBA you are looking at ways to reduce costs, while ensuring the performance resilience and integrity of your high performance databases like SAP HANA. 

Organizations are already  leveraging the cloud for, among other use cases, backup, disaster recovery (DR) as well as for analytics. Some technologies make it possible to leverage object storage, including for SAP HANA, in the cloud and recover directly from it, while maintaining enterprise grade production performance.

Object storage costs about $10/TB compared to block storage at $170/TB.  The big open question is what is the performance impact of leveraging object storage. Afterall reducing costs at the expense of meeting performance SLAs is not the goal. 

SAP on Google Cloud: Getting BOTH Price & Performance

Leading industry analyst firm, ESG, validated that organizations leveraging cloud backups and recovery for SAP HANA using cloud object storage can reduce backup infrastructure costs by 86%. This paper validates backup, recovery, and performance of a DR copy of a 500GB SAP HANA in-memory database leveraging primarily object storage and small cache of  high performance disks. 

Understand in detail about how to mount from object storage with high performance in an article authored by our engineering lead.

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