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SAP HANA Just Runs Better With Actifio On Google Cloud Platform

SAP HANA Just Runs Better With Actifio On Google Cloud Platform

SAP S/4 HANA is the de-facto  high-performance ERP system that powers many of today’s most critical businesses. Enterprises expect scalable enterprise-grade backup, recovery, and database cloning solutions for HANA environments. 

Customers we speak to are looking to reduce RPO, RTO, and TCO for backup and disaster recovery of SAP HANA workloads running on-premises & in public clouds like Google Cloud Platform. They are also looking to re-use the data for DevOps and analytics once in the cloud. However, most enterprises typically face the following challenges for backup and recovery of SAP HANA databases:

  • Large Backup Window & RPO because of recurring full backups, at least once a week.
  • Large Recovery Time (RTO) because of rehydrating and restoring from full backups.
  • Lack of Wide Database Platform Support that power SAP applications such as HANA, Oracle, MS SQL, Db2, ASE, MaxDB.

Enterprises around the globe use Actifio for protecting their most mission-critical applications both on-premises and on the cloud. With an SAP Certified offering, our customers have realized the following benefits:

  • Protect a wide variety of SAP databases such as HANA, Oracle, MS SQL, Db2, MaxDB, ASE (Sybase).
  • Protect the complete SAP application stack including database and application servers running both on-premises and in public clouds.
  • Reduce RPO with Actifio’s unique incremental forever secure backup with application consistency.
  • Reduce RTO for multi-TB SAP databases to minutes with Actifio’s unique instant mount and recovery capability.
  • Reduce operational burden with one-click DR orchestration.
  • Reuse backups to provision rapid database clones and accelerate Dev/QA/UAT testing with CI/CD integration for DevOps teams

Learn more about how Actifio can help you protect your SAP environments leveraging Google Cloud Platform.

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