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SaaS + Google Cloud Platform = The Perfect Team

SaaS + Google Cloud Platform = The Perfect Team

In my two previous blogs (check them out here and here), I’ve talked about challenges that Operations and App Dev/Analytics teams face with massive amounts of copy data. This copy data is used for backup, recovery, DR, testing, analytics, etc. and can become a burden for organizations to manage, especially as this copy data grows tremendously. Many organizations have turned to the cloud (Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for example) to help with these challenges. However, organizations quickly learn that GCP, while helpful, may not solve every challenge, or introduce new ones. Therefore, what else is out there that can help these organizations?

Let’s rehash a few of the challenges organizations still face:

  1. The need for on-premises backup infrastructure increases complexity and causes high TCO for both CAPEX and OPEX.
  2. Copy data living in GCP is typically in a proprietary or deduped format, causing long recovery times and high RTO.
  3. There is no policy management or application consistency with GCP snapshots, which makes it cumbersome to manage at scale and increases the complexity of recoveries.

So, what type of solution would organizations look at that can reduce on-premises infrastructure, reduce operational burden, and support the desired flexibility that cloud brings? The answer is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). SaaS is desirable because:

  1. It enables organizations to significantly reduce, or even eliminate, the need for on-premises backup infrastructure, significantly reducing TCO (CAPEX).
  2. It also reduces the operation burden associated with managing infrastructure when it comes to things like patching, upgrading, performing other maintenance, etc.
  3. It provides instant access to on-demand services – no more waiting hours, days, or weeks for new features and functionality.
  4. It provides flexible, pay-as-you-go subscription pricing (monthly or yearly) which enables organizations to have predictable billing – on their own terms.

But what about creating native, application consistent copies of on-premises and cloud data (for backup and recovery)? What about policy management? The ultimate question is: Is there a SaaS solution out there that can solve these challenges while working in GCP?

Of course there is. Recently, we announced Actifio GO for GCP availability in the GCP Marketplace. Actifio GO for GCP is a revolutionary SaaS platform that provides backup, disaster recovery, and test data management as-a-service for both on-premises and GCP workloads*. It enables organizations to:

  1. Reduce on-premises infrastructure
  2. Store copy data in native format
  3. Provide application-consistent backups for on-premises and GCP workloads
  4. Enable global policy management for copies living in GCP
  5. Perform DR back to on-premises and in GCP
  6. Reuse backups for testing/analytics in GCP

Interested in learning more? Watch a short video. Check out the webinar. Get more details on our webpage. Buy Actifio GO for GCP from the GCP Marketplace

*At the time of this blog, Actifio GO for GCP is the only SaaS solution in the GCP Marketplace that can protect on-premises and GCP workloads.

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