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Rolling in Our 5.0

We’re really excited about the release of Actifio PAS 5.0, another big step in addressing the problem of the copy data explosion. As a reminder… Actifio is a radically simple copy data management solution that let’s you recover anything, instantly for up to 90% less. Since we introduced Actifio PAS, customers and partners have been deploying it into larger and more heterogeneous environments and finding new use cases for it. We’ve seen these trends and Actifio PAS 5.0 is packed with features to help them manage their copy data more efficiently and simply.

For our larger enterprise and service provider customers, we made significant platform enhancements that increased capacity and performance several-fold. Among other improvements, we *tripled* global dedup store and doubled dedup ingestion throughput. We also added support for 10GbE for faster backups and access to copy data.

Actifio PAS 5.0 has more capabilities to meet the needs of service providers as well as enterprises adopting private or hybrid cloud models. Comprehensive and granular access control ensures departmentalization of copy data to ensure security and compliance. Enhanced network bandwidth optimization and resource utilization reporting enable flexibility in packaging services and support efficient ongoing operations as well as detailed billing and chargeback.

In addition to instant data restore and tremendously cost-effective disaster recovery, more and more customers are discovering the advantages of using Actifio PAS’ managed copy data for their test and development needs. Instead of cloning application data multiple times, which takes too long and requires too much storage, customers are accessing virtual copies of their data directly from Actifio PAS, instantly and with no additional storage footprint.

Actifio PAS 5.0 builds on this capability by adding support for out-of-band protection of Oracle databases and file systems. For example, a test and development team can now create and access a 5TB Oracle database clone in less than 15 minutes, with no additional storage required for this or any additional clone. Customers are using these capabilities to speed up application life cycles and time to market while reducing costs and diverting resources to research and development. If your application runs on Oracle databases, take a look at this short demo to see how you can cut your development cycles while at the same time increasing protection and availability, all with dramatically reduced costs.

You might say it’s radically simple. I know we would.

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