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Why the Network of Services and Technology Partners Delivers

Partners are integral to our business. And, increasingly, we are integral to theirs. One particularly proud example is Sungard Availability Services, who last month named Actifio as their “Breakout Technology Partner of the Year”. Awards are always appreciated but what’s more important to us is the recognition of Actifo’s value in helping to make service providers like Sungard successful in their businesses, and in helping their customers to be better protected, more productive and more successful as well.

Sungard provides their customers with critical application management, cloud and disaster recovery services. They recognize their partner’s contribution to excellence in providing services and solutions throughout North America. They rely upon that network of technology and services partners to help create and deliver compelling solutions. We’re pleased to be one of them.

sp_imgWe find it fascinating how good partners promote further partnerships. For example, our relationship with Sungard AS has also strengthened business bonds with other partners we have in common. Two of those were also recognized by Sungard with performance awards: Presidio – U.S. Solution Provider of the Year, and AT&T – U.S. Service Provider of the Year.

What’s most important is that this virtuous circle helps all of us to bring best of breed solutions to our mutual customers.

Other partners we work with have had similar very positive experiences and business success by incorporating Actifio technology and partner resources into their offerings. For instance, RestorePoint, is a managed service provider (MSP) based in Atlanta. They began doing cloud-based backup in 2003 with a great reputation for high-quality data protection and recovery services. They do it for industries such as healthcare and financial services that need always-on absolute data availability assurance.

Customers select an MSP with careful attention to cost, security, flexibility and robust technology solutions. That’s why RestorePoint relies on Actifio to eliminate excess data copies while giving clients fast, easy backup, disaster recovery. With this powerful data management platform with nearly instant data access, they can deliver exceptional software-based services for clients spanning multiple verticals and geographies. It’s much more than backup. As Abdul Altamimi, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at RestorePoint says it, “Anyone can do backups. Some can deliver great service, but very few service providers can provide access to full production data instantaneously. That’s what we love about Actifio; we’re changing the conversation by providing clients with a set of services that enhances the value of their data, as opposed to selling an ‘insurance’ policy the customer hopes they’ll never need.”

Sungard, AT&T, Presidio, RestorePoint; all are versatile providers that satisfy customers with widely differing requirements and resources. Some have their own software and maintain their own data centers, sometimes in multiple locations. Some want a private/hybrid cloud model. Some are fully transitioning to cloud deployment. These partners help each customer develop a tailored multi-function platform that can serve in each of these scenarios.

Actifio partners are taking advantage of data virtualization capabilities to create new offerings for efficient copy data management as well as streamlined application test and development support. They provide customers with one virtualized Golden Copy to accelerate multiple Test/Dev functions at lower cost that enables immediate self-service execution.

Actifio benefits Service Providers with a broader conversation. Clients that had been using multiple hardware and software solutions can replace them all with a single platform. Customers aren’t stuck with old technology. Service Providers aren’t stuck in the past.

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