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Overcoming the Big C’s

Cost, Confusion and Complexity are 3 things that we can all live without.  That’s especially true when you’re an IT pro responsible both for supporting the business with strategic capabilities, and for making sure the data it needs is still available if and when something goes wrong.

In that case, the 3 C’s can cost you your share of ZZZZZ’s.

Take for example, guaranteeing your SLA’s for a mission critical application like MS Exchange.  To make sure you meet your RTO/RPO, you might need to implement several data protection/disaster recovery technologies including array based snapshots, backup software, deduplication appliances, and replication tools.  The result is a system that’s costly, complex, and confusing to run right even for the people who designed and built it.  And that’s just one app.  Multiply by the different types of environments (physical/virtual/cloud etc.) and the number of applications and you’ve got the picture… a nightmare (meaning no ZZZZZ’s for you).

Actifio users instead use a streamlined approach to copy data management that transforms the 3 C’s into the 3 E’s (Efficient, Effective, and Easy).  Ours is a single solution that can help you better manage your SLA’s for mission critical apps like MS Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Oracle, VMware. It’s radical simplicity, and it can save you up to 90% of what you’re spending today.

But don’t take our word for it… Here’s what some of our users had to say at our most recent customer panel discussion…

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