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Orange is the new Black in Application Development

For a moment, put yourself solely in the shoes of an application ‘end-user.’

Think of the applications you really like. Maybe it’s Facebook, TD Bank, Hopper, Yelp, GrubHub, Waze, or Candy Crush.

What is it that you like about these applications? Some may say it’s the functionality that they bring, helping them accomplish tasks and making life easier. On the same note, others may say it’s the availability of these applications—the ability for them to access them anywhere. Whether they’re on the go, at work, or at home, these apps are always reachable.

Better yet, many of the applications we use in our daily lives provide a great dose of entertainment value, helping us relax after a long day and providing us with a bit of fun. They wouldn’t be fun if they weren’t easy to use and make our day-to-day more convenient, however, which are potentially the most important aspects of great application design.

orange_blog_imgToday, it’s hard to deny the enormous role software is playing in our world. Applications are driving the way we communicate, purchase, and make decisions. They’re also driving strategic innovation within business.

Now put yourself back into the role of an IT professional responsible for designing and delivering these applications.

The conventional approach to application development has chained operations and development teams together. Operations is focused on the data protection and security piece; responsible for provisioning, masking, and creating workflow scripts for datasets so that they are ready for development teams to leverage in a controlled environment.

Development teams are focused on the sexier side of the business: creating applications that drive business and end-user value. However, they are tasked with the challenging demands of meeting deadlines, rolling out upgrades, and ensuring quality.

The conventional process is archaic and frankly, too slow. It’s common to take anywhere from weeks to months to simply get data necessary to properly test the applications under development. This doesn’t factor in the reality that these datasets may not be fresh, near production copies. To combat the problem, many enterprises leverage old data, or dummy data sets.

What stands between a great business idea and the creation of that application? A process that is counterproductive in creating best-in-class applications.

Actifio is breaking that barrier with a simple resolution. For the past seven years, Actifio has painted the DevOps space orange by providing customers with multi-TB masked datasets in minutes, without consuming infrastructure.

The impact: better applications, faster.

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