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Modernizing SAP HANA Data Management

SAP Hana Data management

If you already have SAP HANA on-premises or in the cloud, or considering moving from SAP using Oracle/MS SQL to SAP using HANA, or considering moving from on-premises to the cloud, here are 8 things to consider.

Data Management in this article means managing data for backup, recovery, migration, and test data management

SAP Data Management

SAP Hana Data Management




About Change Block Tracking: This is the ability to monitor the blocks that are changing and just protect the changed blocks at a user-defined frequency of 15 minutes or 1 hour or 24 hours. This reduces the impact on HANA, storage IO, network IO, backup window, by up to 20x




SAP Data Management




Traditional recoveries revolve around “restoring” data from dedup backups to a HANA server and then bringing up the HANA database. The act of restoring, for example, a TB data, could take many hours.

A modern way of recovery would be to “mount” instantly the backup image to HANA server and bring up the HANA database online. Such rapid recovery can happen in minutes.






About thin cloning from backups: Enterprises constantly need test/dev copies of production HANA databases. So why not have a technology that can reuse the “idle” backups to provision instant thin clones to test/dev environments? These thin clones consume no extra storage. Even better, if the solution can enable self-service and automated data masking.



Think of all the reasons Cloud has become a necessity: Speed at which things can be done, on-demand provisioning, and zero CAPEX impact.

Wouldn’t you want a solution that can do on-demand DR, on-demand DB cloning for Test/Dev, and consume storage as you grow?

Wouldn’t you want a solution that eliminates cloud vendor lock-in?






About Cloud Object Storage:

Cloud object storage is inexpensive, elastic, scalable, and consumable on-demand. A few examples are Google Nearline, Coldline, AWS S3, S3 IAS, Glacier, Azure Blob storage.

Wouldn’t it helpful to have a solution that can help you rewind to any point in time and spin up a HANA database instantly straight from cloud object storage…instantly?



SAP Data Management


Many enterprises are in the process of migrating from SAP using Oracle/MS-SQL to SAP using HANA on-premises or in the cloud.

Such a platform switch needs intensive testing. Accelerating test cases is all about parallelizing testing in multiple test environments. So the ability to provision & refresh thin DB clones to test environments during migration testing will help reduce migration window and labor costs.

Wondering how to satisfy these requirements? Learn more.



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